Your Career Starts Here.

At Flexas, we care about your career as much as you do. That’s why we have our Broker Development Program built to invest in you and guide you to becoming a strong Office Space Broker. During the program, you will be exposed to all aspects of the real estate business, including sales, business development, marketing, lead generation, and more!

Our team works with you through 5 different stages of the Broker Development Program where you start from the basics of Real Estate and work your way through trainings, job shadowing, mentorship, and more to become a Senior Broker! 

Not to mention there are a lot of other perks…

From Onboarding to Office Space Broker - The Journey

Stage 1
3-4 Weeks

This is your foundation-building stage where we'll solidify your understanding of our company, the real estate industry, and the key methods that drive our operations.

Stage 2
9-12 months
Office Space Consultant

In the 2nd stage of the program, you will dive deeper into the critical components of successful lead generation and master the art of client interaction. As an Office Space Consultant, you'll be equipped with the essential skills and knowledge to identify, engage & nurture potential clients effectively.

Stage 3
1 year

This 3rd stage marks an exciting milestone as you take the reins and start independently managing your own opportunities. You will be empowered to establish rapport with clients and refine your communication skills. 

Stage 4
Performance Based
Associate Broker

In the 4th stage of our Program, you become an Associate Broker. At this pivotal point, your role transforms as you begin receiving opportunities from Consultants. This stage focuses on refining your deal-closing abilities and establishing a consistent retention rate. You will also begin steps to become a mentor to those earlier within the program.

Stage 5
Performance Based
Senior Broker

During the previous stages, you've achieved a distinguished level of expertise that brings with it a mentor role for lower stages. Your new role as a Senior Broker expands beyond deal-making as you contribute to the growth of your colleagues. You'll also gain in-depth knowledge of legal terms and management training.

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We like to think we're a bunch of smart, interesting people.
And best of all, we enjoy working together.

Competitive Pay

We want working here to be worry-free. We offer base pay + bonus and pay increases as you progress through the program.

Advanced Professional Development

More than technical skills, we equip you with modern mindsets and habits to make an impact early.

Inclusive Culture

Our diverse, inclusive culture inspires us to think differently, work creatively, and continue to improve every single day.

Awesome Colleagues and Connections

Get ready to work with the best of the best and to have fun representing Flexas at conferences and events.

Transparent Career Progression

Work your way through our structured career path with clear KPIs and goals to hit to succeed.

Mentorship from the Best in the Biz

Paired with a Senior broker, you will get regular inspiration and exposure to the mindsets and practices of senior leaders.

Diver deeper into what it's like working for Flexas as part of the Broker Development Program.

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